Water quality test and settings for Hygea

Fill a glass with fresh and cold water from the tap.

Place a litmus paper for 1 second inside the water contained in the glass cup and wait 60 seconds.

Check the test results according to the table.

Set the limestone removal period depending on the test results.

How to set the alarm cycle setting to activate the Automatic descaling program.
(Factory Default: Hardness III)

Step 1: Touch the Cleansing + Stop function for 5 sec. to activate Anti-lime
stone alarm. (Pressure / Nozzle LED blinks)

Step 2: Turn the knob to select the alarm cycle.

Step 3: To complete setting, touch the Stop function.

  • If the setting is not complete in 30 sec. or other functions are pressed, the factory default setting will be maintained.

Descaling liquid safety data information