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Frequently asked questions

What is USPA?
USPA is a toilet seat containing two hidden nozzles which produce a jet of water for cleaning intimate body parts. The water can be regulated for both temperature and flow. The first nozzle is designed for cleaning the posterior area and is useful for all members of the family, while the second nozzle is designed for feminine hygiene.
USPA is made from a germ-resistant material for maximum hygiene and provides a comfortable seat which can be heated to different temperature settings.

Will USPA fit my existing toilet?
USPA has been designed to be compatible with most toilets that are currently on the market and it is available in 3 sizes:

Look at this page to see which product will best suit your toilet.

Is it difficult to install USPA?
No, USPA is easy to install and usually takes less than an hour.

Do I need an electrical socket?
Yes, an earthed socket is necessary. USPA works with European standards for electrical current 220 - 240 V and 50 Hz and is supplied with an electric cable with a Schuko plug.
Do not use extension leads.

How long is the electric cable?
For the series 6000 the electric cable is 1800 mm long.
For the series 7000 the electric cable is 1500 mm long.

How long is the water hose which is provided?
Electronic toilet seats: The water hose is 1200 mm long (if needed, it's possible to shorten it).

Where do the electrical socket and the water connection have to be?
In order to install our electronic toilet seats there must be a ½ inch water supply line (cold water) and an earthed electrical socket (Schuko).
Looking at the toilet, the water supply line should be on the left, while the electrical socket can be equally positioned on the right or on the left side.
The electrical socket must never be situated under the water supply line.
It's absolutely forbidden to connect the electronic toilet seat to the hot water supply line.

Can USPA be used by children, the elderly or by people with disabilities?
USPA is particularly useful for the elderly or for people with disabilities because it is so easy to use. USPA can also be a great help for parents with young children who are not yet able to clean themselves. Kids love USPA!

Is USPA hygienic?
Yes, the nozzles which provide personal hygiene are automatically cleaned before and after each use. Moreover, USPA is made from a germ-resistant material in order to ensure maximum hygiene.

Does the seat always stay warm?
The seat maintains the selected temperature for increased comfort (7000 model apart). This function can be:
a. Off - Room temperature
b. On - 3 temperature settings (34 °C; 37 °C; 40 °C)
c. In economy mode (energy saving function). When the unit is in stand-by, the seat is set at 30 °C.

What type of maintenance is necessary?
USPA is made from germ-resistant plastic. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. For a more thorough clean, USPA can be easily removed temporarily from its base.
For more persistent stains use washing-up liquid and a damp cloth. Remember to remove all detergent residues with a damp cloth.
Although the nozzles are self cleaning, we recommend cleaning them once a month with a soft brush to avoid calcium deposits building up. We also recommend cleaning the water filter regularly, the frequency will depend on the quality (or hardness) of the water in your area. About any other questions concerning maintenance please contact us.

Why should I buy USPA?
There are many advantages:

What are the differences among the various models?
Click here to see the Table Comparing Products.