The smart toilet evolution.
Hygea is a new concept of smart toilet... its natural evolution. Manufactured in Korea and Italy, it has been designed to satisfy the most demanding customers.
Nice and Discrete
Thanks to its discrete and elegant design, Hygea can be installed in every bathroom.

Advanced Technology
An innovative system
We have developed a new system composed by 5 elements: the toilet bowl, the docking plate, the electronic bidet, the casing that contain it and the toilet seat. 26 months of work, 7 dedicated teams, 54 people involved in the creation of what we believe is the most functional and hygienic smart toilet on the market. A simple product, revolutionary and particularry attentive to the enviromental impact.
26 months
of work
7 teams
54 people
Smarter and elegant
A touch of technology in your bathroom.

Radio Frequency Remote Control
Smart, elegant and user friendly
Less is more
Essential and delicate lines
A touch of color in your bathroom
Ceramic bowl
Hygea is made of Vitreous China, a material with a reduced environmental impact and has been conceived while paying particular attention to water saving: its flushing system uses only 3.5 liters of water. The plaster molds that shape the toilet bowl are made by hand. Higherglaze enamel guarantees a perfectly smooth and easy to surface.
Zerobact® glaze - upon request

Barrier against germs and bacteria

Barrier against germs and bacteria
Common enamels

Higherglaze: superior quality
The ceramic surface is perfectly smooth and does not allow dirt and scale to settle. This guarantees lasting shine, pleasant touch, high protection against scratches, abrasions and external agents. The extreme ease of cleaning also allows a lower consumption of water and detergents in respect of the environment.